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India Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration: The Best in Heating Services

We strive to be the best residential central heating company in Aurora, Illinois and the surrounding communities, but we have no plans to be the biggest. Why would we say this? We believe in first class customer service and in treating each customer’s problem as if it were the most important problem in the world. Big companies can’t always do this, but we can.

Chicagoland winters are famous, or we should say, infamous for being long, cold, snowy and windy. A furnace that needs repair or an HVAC system that is failing is a major problem to the household. On a cold winter’s night, a shut down heating system can also mean frozen pipes which leads to many other problems. However when a heating system fails it leads to “people problems,” and that’s where customer service comes into play.

Heating and Furnace Failures are a true household emergency especially in homes where there are infants and young children or the elderly. On those cold winter days and nights, when a residence experiences a shutdown, your problem becomes our top priority.

As always, before we begin any work we give you upfront pricing and a detailed evaluation of the situation. We also have a “No Breakdown Policy.” That means that we always guarantee our work a full six months from the date of furnace tune-up.

Furnaces Need Servicing for Better Efficiency and Peace of Mind!

The smartest approach to avoiding any central heating, ductless heating or heat pump problem is routine servicing. Whether you make your residence in Aurora, Naperville or Bolingbrook, Illinois, or anywhere in Chicagoland, there is no better strategy to an efficient, worry free HVAC system than by routine servicing.

Regularly scheduled servicing is an investment and not an expense. Heating systems that are poorly serviced begin to lose efficiency. The more efficiency that is lost, the higher will be the energy bill. If you live in Aurora, Illinois and vicinity, you know how expensive our fuel bills can be! Over a short time, any expense for servicing is balanced lower energy costs. Routine servicing also catches minor repair problems before they turn into major headaches.

We have a “No Breakdown Policy.” That means that we always guarantee our work a full six months from the date of servicing.

India Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration: We Install the Best!

There comes a time when an old, worn or energy inefficient furnace or central heating system must be replaced. Sometimes the costs involved in maintaining an old system or the added fuel costs due to inefficiency, makes keeping the old furnace a drain on the household budget.

As our Aurora, Illinois-based HVAC company specializes in residential heating and cooling throughout Chicagoland, we could install the heating products from many different companies. We have worked on every brand you can imagine. We know what quality should look like and that is why there is only one heating system we recommend: Trane. Why do we only install Trane? They are the best.

Trane has a full line of residential heating products including furnaces, heat pumps, central duct heating, mini-split or ductless systems. Each type of product has a specific purpose and it is always our pleasure to explain your options.

Please call us about routine furnace or central heating system servicing or new heating conditioner or ductless installation.